You just spent months searching for the perfect home, and you've finally found it. It has it all: the floors, the bathrooms, the bedrooms, the kitchen the backyard and so much more. You get the loan from the bank and the house is yours. Three months later you realize that you just don't love the area that the house is located in. It doesn't offer much of your favorite hobbies, doesn't have a park close enough by or your kids don't love their new school. What now? 

When you're looking to relocate, it can be hard to determine which area is the best fit for you. There are so many factors to consider that it can become overwhelming to try and come to an understanding on where you want home to be. More importantly, which area is going to best fit your lifestyle. With Atlanta being a major hub in Georgia, there are so many wonderful suburbs surrounding the city that all have something different to offer.

To help people figure out where the dream location may be, we like to reference this article posted by KnowAtlanta. It offers an interactive map that actually breaks down Atlanta and the surrounding areas by location, so you know exactly where to look. KnowAtlanta then offers detailed information about each county, fun things to do there, and different properties that are available. They feature some of the major neighborhoods in the area so that you, as the consumer, can get an idea for the houses a neighborhoods in the area. This is a good place to start your home buying journey and a great resource for anybody looking to relocate, but are not sure what they want in a home town.

Here is the breakdown of the map. Clicking the listed counties gives you the detailed information for each area. You can match your lifestyle to a specific area and then start your home search from there. 

 If you have kids and are unsure of what school district you want them to be in, another useful tool is our school guide posted in our site. This resource allows you to research different schools,  see a brief overview of the school with important information and read feedback from parents, teachers and others about what the school is all about.

Researching the area you will call home one day as well as the schools where your kids will spend their days is a very important step in the home buying process. We hope you all found it as informative as we did!